We don’t want you to be a sponsor, we invite you to be an investor!!!!! Each one of our children have dreams and ambition to be something important to God and to this world, but in their current situation they have lost hope. Being a part of Beyond Uganda has given them a sense of family they have never had, but we lack the resources to empower them to follow their dreams. That’s where you come in! Together we can invest in the life of a child and in doing so change the future of not only that child but those they will touch in the future.

Please take a look at these beautiful faces that need your love and support today and consider being a part of their lives. As an investor in their life, you not only get the satisfaction of knowing that your monthly support literally keeps them alive with nutritional food and a safe place to sleep but they will receive an education and medical attention as well. Once you decide on a child that touches your heart, simply click on “Sponsor This Child” and fill in the needed information and your monthly support will begin. Once our office receives this, you will be sent a complete packet of information about your child, their background and current situation. As an investor in their life, you will also receive a t-shirt to proudly tell others about the life you have invested in and your child will also receive a t-shirt that says, “I Am Loved”. You can write to your child, will receive letters and photos, be invited to that child’s “family room” facebook page and can even go visit your child. We look forward to partnering with you in changing the lives of these beautiful children….one child at a time.

Martha     Kagere     Diane