A Received Dream…Danton Were
By Denis Wandera

For a boy who comes from a typical large African family with no means to support his education ambition, seeing his life now changed and his dreams rejuvenated is so humbling.
With eight children born to parents who hardly made it into a school classroom, education wasn’t something that Danton Were’s family considered so highly to offer to their children. Yet more than anything, education still remains as the number one investment that anyone can ever put in the life of a child living in a third world country Uganda.
It unlocks their mind! It inspires them to dream possibilities! It spurs them to make decisions that will affect generations after them! And more than anything else, one educated child in Uganda, revolutionizes their family to start thinking long-term for their nation.d1

“No one has yet realized the wealth of sympathy, the kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure,” Emma Goldman.

That’s the very core foundation that BU is premised on. To meet the spiritual, medical and education needs of children like Danton. It’s amazing to see how in just few years into his sponsorship, his dreams have started blossoming like morning flower petals.
From a sit-alone boy, Danton has found a new family of friends in BU, his education is taken care of and his future is secured. Now he dreams that someday, he would be a social worker; specialized in children and women rights.

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Danton’s mom, who also doubles as a beneficiary of BU women micro-loan speaks so highly of her son whom she refers to as the most “promising” of her eight children.
“Sponsorship has changed his dreams. I’ve a lot of hopes that someday he will change his family tree,” Edith said, with a lot of optimism in her voice.

One day at a time, one child at a time, no matter our age or social standing in society, if we feel compelled to reach out to where we cannot physically reach, one sure way is through prayers, love and sponsorship of the “least of society.”

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“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, then you haven’t slept with a mosquito in the same room,” African proverb.

What’s needed is an army of us who understand this and commit to action. It takes a plan and a daily resolve to be that kind of person. For as long as we’re breathing, we all have a contribution to make in the world…it’s not just for our own satisfaction to see lives changed, It’s a Kingdom business!

The Storm Before The Rainbow….

The Story of Kubyabwe Elizabeth by Denis Wandera

Every child dreams of being born in a world where his/her parents would love them and teach them to follow “the right ways.” A world perhaps where they would grow to be a source of joy to their family and experience their love and affirmation. This was the kind of environment that Elizabeth desired to be born and raised into. But her hopes were nipped in the bud when, at one month old, she lost her dad under mysterious circumstances. That was a big blow to her mother who had just brought her sixth bundle of joy into the world.

Elizabeth’s mom narrates a wrecking ordeal of her husband slipping into coma a week after delivery! He developed acute cough and cold. Attempts by doctors to save his life were futile! Three weeks later, he lost the battle of life.In the community where Elizabeth was born, orphans often find it hard to “take their place” in society because of the harsh cultural realities. The extended families often grab property from them and leave the widow with barely anything to hang on.

For every storm, there’s a rainbow. Great entrepreneurial minds are tested in times of scarcity. Elizabeth’s mom did not wait to lurch in self-pity for her fallen husband yet she had six children to take care of. She hatched a business idea of making pancakes and sold to school children for breakfast

On a good day, she made a turnover of three dollars. She saved one dollar everyday which helped her send Elizabeth’s siblings to school. Because of little resources, they studied in turns, often skipping some semesters because she couldn’t bear the brunt of tuition on her own.
Our hopes for the future give us momentum. They keep us moving forward through the inevitable hard times, the discouragement, and the despair.14191388_10207332957593396_10066891_o

Remaining positive and motivated when her burden felt unbearable was undoubtedly difficult. She encountered challenges that initially seemed insurmountable. While she waited for a solution, faith was all she had to hang on to, and sometimes simply trusting that there would be an answer got her through those darkest moments

The family received a boost when BU registered Elizabeth into the program. “It was a sigh of relief!” Her mom said. “I never dreamed my daughter would go to a good school.” She added, referring to York academy in Bugiri town where Elizabeth attends middle school. Everything in the family changed from despair to HOPE through Elizabeth’s sponsorship. It’s amazing how a sponsor’s prayers, letters, and support from a cross a different time-zone can transform the life of one child and her family.


Ultimately this is BU’s sole commitment! To love “them” and give them a purpose in life then present them with the gospel of Christ that permeates their hearts. In turn, they act as catalysts in their own families, which transcends into their communities and soon, the ripple spreads to all spheres of their nation.

Meet Jamira

jamiraJamira is a Muslim woman who lives in a Muslin community.  She has 2 sons, one of which disappreared 20 years ago.  The other passed away two years ago.  She lives in a hut that is falling down.  There is another home that is in much better condition where her daughter-in-law lives but because of African culture she is not allowed to live there as it was built for her son.

Juma has gone with others to the community and gathered them together to meet about helping provide a new home for Jamira.  They have agreed to provide all the labor needed for the construciton but there is still a need for materials.

Are you and your family struggling with what to get each other for Christmas?  There is no more rewarding a gift that can be given than helping another person in need.

This story does not end with the building of a home for 67 year old Jamira.  As Juma has been involved in rallying the community he now has the opportunity to be welcomed as a friend rather than a stranger and can openly share the Gospel with the community.  This is what Beyond Uganda is truly about, sharing the Word of Christ with the lost.



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