Educate and Pray


Educating others on the plight and need in Eastern Uganda, and more specifically in Bugiri is so important because people can not be moved to act on something they know nothing about. Once you see and know the faces and threat the the children, women and people in that area, you can’t help but me moved into action. This “educating others” can be as simply as telling someone the story of something that you read here that moved you. Or maybe directing them to our website to learn more for themselves. Maybe you are and over achiever or over zealous (like many of us at BU are) and you want to take it a step further and speak or make a presentation at a church or school near you. If that is you contact us and we will give you all the tools you will need to do that.

And if nothing else, in fact above everything else, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! There can never be enough prayer in this ministry and this ministry was in face founded and built on prayer. In fact, we have often asked ourselves over and over again, “why Bugiri”? None of us have been to this town before we began working in it and never understood the calling to that area but we knew without fault that this was the area God has called us to. Recently in talking with the locals in that town, a leader said, ” We have been praying for 4 years for God to move on the hearts of those that would bear the burden of our community and come to help and we are excited to work along those that answered that calling”!!!!! ISN’T GOD AMAZING! We wonder why we are called to a remote village in Eastern Uganda that we have never seen but those very people have prayed for years for God to move someone to action and he moved some random white people, in a remote town in the middle of America to answer that call. THAT IS AN AMAZING GOD!!!! If prayer moved all of that into action half way around the world, who knows what else He can do so please PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!